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Advanced Neuro and Spine Institute is one of South Florida’s leading treatment centers specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and management of neurological conditions and diseases such as cancer. The neurologists and neurosurgeons at our Aventura, Kendall, Miami Lakes and Fort Lauderdale offices deliver expert, personalized care in a welcoming environment.

Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by uncontrollable cell growth. Some of the most common causes for cancer include damage to DNA, genetics, and exposure to carcinogens.

What Are the Types of Cancer Tumors?

Tumors formed by uncontrolled cell growth and accumulation are divided into two types – benign and malignant. Tumors that indicate limited growth and remain in one spot are known as benign, while malignant tumors are known to be more dangerous. Two important traits that differentiate them are that the cancerous cells possess the ability to move through the body using lymph nodes or blood and that they manage to divide and grow by forming new blood vessels.

What Are the Causes and Symptoms of Cancer?

Common symptoms of cancer are many and diverse, depending on the stage, location, and type of cancer. Some of the most common symptoms include abnormal lumps, warts, moles, white patches and spots, change in cognitive functions, pain, and a sudden stop in normal functioning of specific organs. Because most of the cells in your body are being consumed by the cancer cells, you are bound to feel tired, anemic, and fatigued while experiencing unexplainable weight loss, coughing, headaches, and seizures.

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