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Gait abnormality, or walking abnormality, is best defined as an uncontrolled and abnormal walking pattern. It can be caused by several factors including genetics, injuries, and illnesses and can affect the bones, muscles, and nerves in your legs. Depending on the cause of the abnormality, the condition can be temporary or permanent. In more serious cases, gait abnormality should be treated with long-term medical solutions such as medication and physical therapy.

What Causes Gait Abnormality?

The causes of gait abnormality include the following:

  • Leg injuries, such as cuts, bruises, fractures, insect bites, and diseases
  • Birth defects
  • Arthritis
  • Inner ear infection
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Shin splits
  • Tendinitis
  • Infections in the leg

What Are the Symptoms of Gait Abnormality?

Symptoms associated with specific types of gait abnormality include the following:

  • Spastic gait: Dragging of feet is common and the person may appear to walk stiffly.
  • Scissors gait: The most common symptoms include walking in a crouched position with legs bent inward and knees or legs crossing each other.
  • Propulsive gait: Symptoms include rigid and slouched posture, with the neck and head thrusting forward.
  • Waddling gait: Common symptoms include waddling or swaying from side to side when walking.
  • Steppage gait: This abnormality is observed in people who point their toes downward before placing the heel on the ground.

How Is Gait Abnormality Diagnosed and Treated at Advanced Neuro and Spine Institute?

Gait abnormalities are diagnosed through physical examination, walking tests, and other measures designed to evaluate your muscle and nerve functions. Treatment of gait abnormality is based upon the diagnosis of the underlying condition. Treatments may include repair of fractures, antibiotics for infections, physical therapy, and assistive devices, such as crutches and leg braces.

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