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Your Path to Living Headache Free
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Our migraine and headache specialists are committed to finding the right balance of treatments for your unique headache condition. Our goal is to identify the origin of your pain and develop a treatment strategy designed to get you on the road to controlling your headaches and eliminating the pain.

5-Step Approach to Assessing and Controlling Your Headaches

We take a holistic and integrative 5-Step approach to the diagnosis and treatment of your headaches and migraines.

  • Step #1 – Complete Medical History. This baseline comprehensive data is the first building block in identifying your type of headaches and possible triggers.
  • Step #2 – Nutritional Assessment. Eating behaviors are the number one contributor to headache and migraines. We will thoroughly assess your eating habits to determine if you can benefit from an elimination diet.
  • Step #3 – Blood and Imaging Tests. Underlying conditions often contribute to chronic migraines and headaches. These non-invasive diagnostic tests may be ordered and can be instrumental in determining the most effective treatment strategy.
  • Step #4 – Pain Measurements. You’ll be asked to complete a headache episode questionnaire which will be scored to determine impact on daily activities. You will also receive a customized headache log to document and assess, frequency, severity and relief obtained from diet modification and pain relievers.
  • Step #5 – Personalized Treatment Plan. Upon a thorough assessment of your Medical History, Nutrition habits, Diagnostic tests and Pain Measurement, our specialists will recommend a personalized treatment plan depending on severity of your pain. Treatment strategies may include both outpatient and inpatient modalities.

Chronic Migraines



2 Common Ways to
Attack Chronic Migraines

Acute Treatments

Taken after headache/migraine
pain has started to reduce symptoms

Preventive Treatments

Taken on a schedule to prevent
headaches/migraines before they start



“After years of suffering with migraines and seeing many doctors, Dr Yelena Vidgop has helped me with my problem. I have been migraine free since seeing here. I would highly recommend her.” – A


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