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Nerve and Muscle Disorders in Miami, FL

Advanced Neuro and Spine Institute is one of South Florida’s leading treatment centers specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and management of neurological conditions and diseases such as nerve and muscle disorders. The neurologists and neurosurgeons at our Aventura, Kendall, Hialeah, and Fort Lauderdale offices deliver expert, personalized care in a welcoming environment.

Nerve and muscle disorders affect the neuromuscular functions, which can impact the general movement of the body. Examples of such disorders include ALS, Lyme disease, muscle weakness, muscular dystrophy, and muscle spasms and cramps. These disorders can severely affect the physiological as well as the psychological functioning of an individual, which is why they shouldn’t be ignored.

At Advanced Neuro and Spine Institute, we offer comprehensive solutions to manage and treat nerve and muscle disorders.

What Causes Nerve & Muscle Disorders?

The nerve cells or neurons are the carriers of messages from your brain to the muscles. When these nerve cells deteriorate or die, the communication between the brain and your voluntary muscles is disrupted. This can lead to muscle weakness, which in turn results in cramps, twitching, aches, and joint problems.

Nerve and muscle disorders can be genetic and can also occur due to immune system disorders.

How Do We Diagnose and Treat Nerve & Muscle Disorders?

Advanced Neuro and Spine Institute’s team of doctors and medical professionals will carry out a thorough assessment of your health to identify any symptoms that may indicate a nerve and muscle disorder. After a thorough examination, our doctors will recommend a suitable treatment that may include therapy, use of medication, and non-invasive surgical procedures.

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