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Numbness and Tingling in Miami, FL

Advanced Neuro and Spine Institute is one of South Florida’s leading pain management treatment centers, designed to help patients effectively manage painful neurologic and spine-related conditions such as numbness and tingling. The neurologists and pain management specialists at our Aventura, Kendall, Hialeah, and Fort Lauderdale offices deliver expert, personalized care in a welcoming environment.

Numbness is a heavy, deadening feeling in a particular part of the body such as the hands and feet or the entire leg or arm. Tingling is the pins-and-needles sensation that you experience in a part of the body. If you are experiencing frequent numbness & tingling sensations across the body, the neurologists at Advanced Neuro and Spine Institute can help.

What Causes Numbness & Tingling?

The causes for numbness and tingling vary from person to person. These abnormal sensations can be caused due to a simple reason such as standing or sitting in a position for too long. Or they could be due to lack of blood supply to the region, as a side effect of medication, or due to lack of vitamin B12.

Sometimes the causes of numbness or tingling in a region could be associated with the compression of nerves, pressure on the spine, or peripheral nerves in that specific region. Other times, these symptoms could be an indication of much more serious issues such as tumors, radiation therapy, or nerve damage due to an overdose of alcohol, drugs, or cancer medication.

To pinpoint the exact cause of the frequent numbness and tingling sensations you experience, talk to our neurologists today.

How We Help in Managing Numbness & Tingling

Frequent numbness and tingling are symptoms of an underlying neurological condition, which should be identified and treated at the earliest convenience. Our neurologists will assess your symptoms and conduct a series of tests to determine the exact cause of the numbness and tingling.

Depending on the results of the diagnostic tests, your specialist at Advanced Neuro and Spine Institute will suggest a treatment plan that could include the use of pain management procedures, minimally invasive surgical procedures, or both.

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