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Sciatica Pinched Nerve in Miami, FL

Advanced Neuro and Spine Institute is one of South Florida’s leading neurologic treatment centers providing diagnostic and surgical procedures to effectively treat patients suffering with neurologic conditions such as sciatica/pinched nerves. The neurologists and neurosurgeons at our Miami Lakes, Aventura, Kendall, and Fort Lauderdale offices deliver expert, personalized care in a welcoming environment.

Are you experiencing pain or tingling in your spine? It could be the result of sciatica or an aggravated sciatic nerve. Located in the nerve roots of the lower spinal cord, irritation to these nerves can lead to pain, numbness, or tingling. The sciatic nerve extends from the end of the spinal cord through the buttocks and the foot. Sciatica is commonly caused by a ruptured or bulging disc, especially when the spine is pressing against the sciatic nerve roots.

What Are the Symptoms of Sciatica?

Common symptoms of sciatica include back pain and general discomfort moving from you buttocks to the leg and foot. You could also experience numbness or tingling in your legs. Sometimes these symptoms are aggravated by flexing, standing, sitting, or remaining in one position for a long time and are relieved by walking, lying down, and stretching.

Sciatica is commonly diagnosed with a thorough physical examination, x-rays, and MRIs to determine which part of the spinal cord is pressuring the sciatic nerves. A study of your medical history is also undertaken. Sciatica can be caused by the spinal cord narrowing or developing bone spurs, injuries, arthritis, or pinched nerves. In rare instances, sciatica can be the result of tumors or pregnancy with no correlation to the spine itself.

How Is Sciatica Treated?

In relatively minor cases, sciatica usually goes away with time. Most preliminary treatment options at the Advanced Neuro and Spine Institute include pain management through exercise and medication. Some of the simplest ways to alleviate pain and discomfort caused by sciatica include avoiding sitting for long periods of time, taking over-the-counter or prescribed pain medication in small doses, using heat pads over the affected areas, performing press-ups, or lying down after taking short walks.

If we find other causes for nerve irritation and if the symptoms do not cure themselves with physical therapy, we may explore other minimally invasive procedures such as steroids, muscle relaxants, or opiates. Only in the most severe of cases do we suggest surgery. However, for most people, sciatica can easily be managed with the right medication, posture, and exercise routine.

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